Tuesday, April 7, 2015

New Mini LaMancha Doelings have arrived!


I am absolutely thrilled that our new Mini LaMancha goat doelings have arrived!  Please meet our new dairy goat additions - Mary and Martha.  They are so cute and so full of mischief that I am having problems getting anything done other than playing with the babies.

We traveled on Saturday just before Easter and met the breeder.  They were pretty well behaved on the way home, but about an hour from home began calling to us from the back of the truck.

Rebecca and her boyfriend helped get them settled in for the night after lots of snuggle time.  Our old horses didn't take well to the new additions and galloped around kicking and snorting like they were young colts. 

The next morning was Easter and the kids couldn't decide if they would rather search for eggs or play with goat kids. 

I was shocked to arrive home from church to find one of the goats in the horse pasture grazing with the horses.  I'm grateful that they made friends with the horses, but was surprised that they escaped the field fencing so easily. It could have ended badly if the horses had not accepted them, but everyone was getting along fine. 

With my neighbor's help, Monday evening was spent chasing wayward goats and reinforcing the fence with chicken wire. It is Tuesday morning, and I just got a text from Rebecca saying the rascals have escaped again!


  1. It appears you are now an official goat herder. LOL

    1. We are actually a registered "herd"! Can you believe these two little ones can be a herd?!